About US

Our brand represents a safe space for women to heal and nurture. Our founder was inspired to develop her own hair care and skincare line after experiencing an abusive marriage that led to a devastating divorce! This event took a toll on her. It led to stress and depression. Her hair started falling out badly!  She developed bald spots all over her head and lost her edges! It was embarrassing. 
She also struggled with acne and dark spots due to stress which is the main reason she also created a skincare solution!
With prayer and fasting ,Our founder embarked on this journey of creating products that not only restore women's confidence but also GROWNS their hair back from their scalp. 
Today many women have joined our Shiloh For She community. Restoring one crown at at time! We look forward to transforming YOUR life with our products. Treat yourself today and invest in you SEALF CARE! You deserve it