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Shiloh For She exists to empower, inspire and uplift women who feelinadequate due to lack. Lack of a mate, children, proper finances, influence – it could be many things. The Bible includes an interesting story about lack. A man named Elkanah had two wives, one of whom was named Hannah. The other wife, Peninnah, had many children and mocked Hannah because she could not conceive, though she desperately wanted to be a mother.

Hannah became so depressed, she stopped eating. I’m sure you can relate. Maybe you have experienced low points in your life when you found yourself surrounded by people who judged you because of something you lacked.

In the Bible, SHILOH was a church Hannah attended where she prayed NIGHT AND DAY, asking God to give her a child. Finally, The Lord answered her prayer and gave her a male child. When Hannah delivered her son, she called him Samuel which means “asked of God.” That child was very special. He was known as prominent Prophet named Samuel.

Personally, I can relate to Hannah’s story because I longed for love but found only heartbreak and betrayal. One relationship after another. From an abusive marriage, to a traumatic divorce to a cycle of betrayal. I was mocked and humiliated. I suffered through this for 8 years. Through it all, only prayer, fasting and the word of God helped me heal and made me whole. THIS WAS JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO HANNAH. Now, I'm in a position to help women who are experiencing what I have overcome. So, Shiloh For She is not just another beauty brand. The meaning behind is significant encouraging you to continue to fast, pray and seek God. In due time and season, He definitely answer your prayer as He did for Hannah!